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The video below will explain the steps you will go through once you have completed the checkout process.

If you are a person that prefers to read that no problem scroll down and we will step you through it.

If you are a  person that prefers to discover as you go that's epic, what are you waiting for enter your details and don't get distracted until you have stepped through the process and you get the "wave" you will know what the "wave" is once you see it.

  • Your Details Survey

    This survey is designed to get all the necessary information out of your brain and onto your website. It may seem like we ask you the same questions a couple of ways this is to make sure we get a total download of your mind.

  • Template Selection

    You select a template - Once you have completed payment and confirmed monthly hosting package. You will be presented with a page to scroll through to check out the templates. (The will be a video to explain process on that page also)

  • Color Selection and Logo Upload

    We will then get you to make color selections and upload your logo (if you have one) otherwise you can order one easy as we go through the process.

Connecting to secure payment server...

  • Secure order

  • 30 day refund policy

Managing Your Fuss Free Website

Once the website is complete, you will be sent your login details to the email address you provided on set up. In this welcome email, it will include a link to our online training portal which will show you step by step videos of everything you need to know to do things like, add content, create blog posts, edit pages, create new pages etc...
For as long as we are hosting your website, you get access to this training portal.

  • Editing Pages

    We provide a step by step video guide on how to edit pages.

  • Adding Pages

    We provide a step by step video guide on how to add pages and make sure all the correct data is added.

  • Creating Blog Posts

    We provide a step by step video guide on how to create blog posts and share them to your social assets.

  • Uploading a Picture

    We provide a step by step guide of how to upload a picture and add alt tags etc...

  • Daily Back Ups

    We do daily backup's just in case something nasty happen we can just roll the website back. ($199 charge for one of our team to restore it for you)

  • E-Commerce (Add On)

    You have the ability to add an e-commerce store to your site for a one off upgrade fee (Can be done at anytime from the training portal)

What Customers Say

Following are a few words from some of our clients. We would love to invite you to try it out for yourself. 

Monica Jones

"A great experience - we have set up our websites in the past; however, this was so must easier and faster."

Thomas Edwards

"I needed a website for a project. I didn't want to spend the earth but wanted to be able to edit it myself."

Andy Watts

"A smooth project team - Thanks, I love the way it's so painless, and I get to play with it afterwards."

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